Hello There D:

Hey people, anyone here is alive ? 
The last post is in 2011... So i want to talk with someone >.<'
I'm thinking in change my entire playlist in ipod, now i'm downloading Fastball - All the pain money can buy to start a great selection! :D
But i don't know what download in next..
So tips?
Hugs <3
Nice to meet all! <3

My Newest Playlist

Hey I'm Kelly, 21, from Ohio. This is my most recent playlist. Enjoy!

1. Beth Orton - Stars All Seem to Weep
2. Bush - Swallowed
3. Stone Temple Pilots - Big Empty
4. The Cinematic Orchestra - To Build a Home
5. Third Eye Blind - Losing a Whole Year
6. Third Eye Blind - Background
7. Editors - Munich
8. Everclear - Now
9. Garbage - Til the Day I Die
10. Heidi Newfield - Johnny & June
11. Interpol - NYC
12. Jimmy Eat World - Night Drive
13. Joanna Newsome - Sprout and the Bean
14. Led Zeppelin - Immigrant Song
15. Nobody - Wake Up & Smell the New Millenium
16. Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan - Mustt Mustt
17. Pinback - Microtonic Wave
18. Poe - Angry Johnny
19. Sam Champion - Like a Secret
20. Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Black Tongue
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Lil&#39; London

Generic iTunes Question

I hope this is okay as it's not a play list.

In the older versions of iTunes I was able to convert my acc files back to MP3s (some of my friends don't have iPods...what's up with that?). But I can't figure out how to do that in the latest version of iTunes. I want to say it was updated on 10-15.

When I try my iTunes help files it tells me to go to Edit>Prefrences>Advanced and then Import...but there is no Import on my Advanced settings.

Even if it's a program I need to download...

Thank you.
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Lil&#39; London

Playlist Challenge

The following Playlist challenge was floating around and I just put it in my lj...thought I'd put it here as you guys are likely to have a lot more diverse answers.

Open Challenge to whom ever will play...

In the comments...make a play list of 10 songs (only 10 songs). Each song must be in order (1-10) and each artists must have the number in their name.

For example:
3 - 3 Dog Night
5 - Maroon 5
9 - Nine Inch Nails

I'll post my list later.
Looking forward to your creativity and playlists.

If this kind of thing isn't acceptable here, let me know and I'll remove/delete this
love a lefty

Road trip..

I'm going on a long road trip starting the 10th of this month, and am looking for some upbeat music to play. From beginning to end, if we drive non-stop, it's 32 hours. (Portland, OR to Austin, TX)

Sooo.. yeah. Any suggestions for music to listen to? We're both similar in tastes, so pretty much anything that is upbeat, loud/obnoxious.. whatever.

Some of our favorite mutual bands are A7X, MCR, AFI.. etc.